Dorus® Edgebanding Adhesives

Team Wood Distribution offers the Dorus line of high performance, high quality adhesives for the woodworking industry. The line includes PVA’s and hot melts (granular and cartridge) for edgebanding, assembly, postforming, dowel insertion and numerous other woodworking applications. Team Wood Distribution stocks a broad line of Dorus products. Please review below the descriptions of the various adhesives available. Detailed specifications and MSDS information is available for download. For best results, you are invited to read Doellken-Woodtape's Application Tips page.

Granular Hot Melt Adhesives

KS 201/4 - is a medium viscosity, multipurpose hot melt, offering extremely high heat resistance and is recommended for high speed straightline as well as softform applications. Recommended applications include: veneer, (thick and thin), polyester, melamine, solid wood, PVC, Thick PVC, ABS and laminates.

KS 205 - is a high viscosity, multipurpose, hot melt adhesive. The formula of this premium grade adhesive has been modified utilizing a rubber additive to provide an exceptionally strong, durable and long lasting bond. It is Dorus’ finest, highest quality hot melt. It’s high viscosity, high heat resistance and excellent bonding characteristics make this the ideal all-purpose straightline edgebanding adhesive. Recommended applications include: veneer, (thick and thin), polyester, PVC, Thick PVC, melamine, solid wood, ABS, and laminates.

KS 208/2 - is a medium viscosity, multipurpose, economically priced edgebanding adhesive. The lower viscosity of KS 208/2, fast melting properties, and easy spread and flow characteristics make it ideally suited for old and new, large and small automatic edgebanders. Excellent heat resistance, high feed speed and clean pot performance characteristics make this adhesive one of the best buys in the economy grade edgebanding adhesive market. Recommended applications include: veneer, polyester, melamine, PVC, Thick PVC and laminates.

KS 217 - is a low viscosity, multi-purpose hot melt recommended for granular feed or ‘quick melt’ glue systems. It also performs well in standard glue pot setups. The low viscosity, fast melting properties, and easy spread and flow characteristics make this product an operator favorite. It is also recommended for difficult to bond ‘oily’ veneers like teak and pine. Recommended applications include: veneer, (thick and thin), polyester, PVC, Thick PVC, melamine, solid wood, ABS, tropical and oily veneers and laminates.

KS350/2 - is a low viscosity, multi-purpose, ‘clear’ hot melt suitable for straightline and softform edgebanding applications, featuring clean pro-cessing, high heat resistance, excellent yield and a virtually invisible glue line. Recommended applications include solid wood, veneer, melamine, HPL, PVC, Thick PVC and ABS.

AS223 - is designed for precoat-ing edgebanding materials. This hot melt should be used in automatic and semi-automatic edgebanders that apply the adhesive directly to the edgebanding material. The low temperature and extended open time make this hot melt ideally suited for precoating PVC as well as veneer and paper products.

Cartridge Adhesives

HKP 21 (Type I)/HKP 25 (Type II) - Dorus is the original manufacturer of Cartridge Adhesives for HolzHer® automatic edgebanders. HKP 21 and HKP 25 were developed for and approved by HolzHer. The viscosity, spread and flow characteristics of these cartridges were developed to meet the stringent requirements of HolzHer’s nozzle application system. The products are multiple screened to ensure that there are no impurities which might clog the nozzles and the viscosity was established to ensure no backflow through the seals.

HKP 21 is our standard grade multi-purpose cartridge; Recommended applications include: veneer (thick and thin), polyester, PVC, Thick PVC, and melamine.

HKP 25 is the premium grade product, giving superior bonding strength and aging characteristics. Recommended applications include:veneer, (thick and thin), polyester, PVC, Thick PVC, melamine, solid wood, ABS and laminate.