States Industries manufactures a full line of standard hardwood plywood products. These stock panels include all domestic and most import species. They can all be laminated to veneer, particleboard or MDF substrates.


Panel sizes                4' x 8'

                                    (6', 7' 10' also available)


Thickness range       5/32" - 11/4" (veneer core)

                                    5/32" - 11/16" (particleboard/MDF core)



Appleply is manufactured with uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16" Alder and Birch. It is a premium quality veneer core that is strong and light weight with few voids and a naturally attractive edge.


The edge is visually attractive, even when left unbanded. This quality is one of the reasons Appleply is often used as drawer sides. The alternating grains have different absorption rates for stains and finishes, producing a light and dark layered look that is pleasing to the eye.


Panel sizes                4' x 8', 4' x 10'


Thickness range       1/4" - 11/4"


States Industries revolutionized the plywood industry in 1992 with it's introduction of NOVA ultraviolet cured prefinished panels. Team Wood was involved right from the start of the development of this product. The end result is that NOVA is the highest quality prefinished plywood available in the market.



There are many advantages to using a NOVA panel:

  1. Reduces manufacturing time, increasing throughput.

  2. Extremely durable, showing no effects from solvents or household chemicals.

  3. Extremely chemical resistant.

  4. UV flat line finishing is the most cost efficient system in use today.


Using NOVA panels typically lower finishing costs significantly.



There are four categories of NOVA finishes: clear, translucent, opaque and printed. All are offered in satin, medium, high and custom gloss matching. Finishes can be applied to one or both sides of the NOVA panel.


The ultraviolet curing technology provides one sealer and two topcoats of 100% solid epoxy acrylate. There is no formaldehyde and no volatile organic compounds emitted in manufacturing or use.