Premium Wood Veneer Sheets

Our veneer is recognized in the wood working industry as a leading manufacturer of high quality wood veneer sheets.  The fused manufacturing process insures a reliable, permanent bond between the wood veneer face and the backer by use of a cross-linked adhesive system.

Providing for all applications; Team Wood offers 10, 20, and 30 mil resin impregnated paper backed and allwood 2-ply wood veneer sheets. Sheets range from 2' x 3' to 4' x 8' to 4' x 10' and we stock most domestic and exotic species of wood veneer.

Wood Veneer Edgebanding is available in a variety of different species. Edgebanding widths, lengths, and thicknesses vary.

Team Wood also provides wood veneer on a variety of top grade substrates.
Substrates include: Particle Board, Medium Density Fiberboard, Plywood, and Slotwall.

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Veneer Species

Alder, Red Clear             Cedar, Western                   Mak Ore                                     Pearwood

Alder, Red Rustic           Cherry                                   Maple                                          Pecan

Anegre                              Chesnut                               Maple Burl                                 Pine, Carolina

Anegre Figured               Chestnut, Wormy              Maple Curly                               Pine, Knotty

Ash, Olive Burl                Cypress                                Maple Figured                          Pine, White

Ash, White                       Ebony, Macassar               Maple, Special Bird Eye         Primavera

Ash, White Burl              Elm Carpathian Burl          Maple, Medium Bird Eye        Purpleheart

Avodire                             Eucalyptus                          Maple, High Bird Eye               Red Sandalwood

Beech, Steamed             Fir                                           Maple, Marble                           Rosewood, African

Birch                                  Hickory                                 Mappa Burl                                Rosewood, Santos

Birch, Natural                  Kewasinga                           Movingui Fiddle                       Sapele

Birch, Red                         Koa                                       Myrtle Burl                                 Sapele Pommele

Birch, Select White         Lacewood                            Oak, Brown(English)              Sycamore, English

Bubinga                             Limba                                   Oak, Red                                    Teak

Bubinga, Pommele         Lyptus                                  Oak, Red Heavy Flake           Walnut

Butternut                           Madrona Burl                     Oak, Silky                                  Walnut Burl

Cedar                                  Mahogany, Africa             Oak, White                                Walnut, Black

Cedar, Aromatic               Mahogany, Honduras     Oak, White Heavy Flake        Wenge

Cedar, Clear(Fir)              Mahogany, Royal             Padauk                                       Zebrawood

Cedar, Spanish

New Exotic Veneer Species

Afromosia                                        Hemlock                                Lemonwood                    Satinwood

Aussie Koa                                      Imbuya                                  Makore Motteld               Spotted Gum

Bamboo Natural                             Iroko                                       Platanus                           Stringy Bark

Black Heart Sassasfras                Jarrah                                     Red Gum Figured

Bloodwood                                      Jatoba                                     Redwood

Crow Foot Knotty White Pine    Knotty Idaho White Pine    Rosewood Indian

Ebony Gaboon                               Lauro Faia                             Sapele Pencil Stripe

Fir, White                                          Lauro Preto                           Sapele Ribon